I want to show you this tracker for ask.fm that you can use to find out who asked you anonymous question on ask.fm

Few things you should know about social sites and how to avoid getting in trouble

Social sites are very popular these days and more people using it each day. You probably knowfor social site called ask.fm or maybe you are even used it before or you are still using it.On this site you can ask anybody some anonymous question and they can answer on it. Thas isbasicly how this whole websites work. This maybe can be problem for some people because thereis always bad people who will only say bad things about you and you will never find out whothey are. Well,you can change this by using tracker for ask.fm. So what is this tracker thateverybody is talking about? It is secret program or hacking tool,from some kind of police,specialdepartment for online bullying. Somebody somehow manage to get copy of this program and thenhe started to selling it. Of course you can now find this program for free but only for limitedtime,because no one don't won't to give expensive program for free,especially if they bought itwith their own money. So what this tracker do,is help you to find out who asked you anonymousquestions on this social website. This is very cool feature since you don't have to worry anymoreabout anonymous questions and who sent it to you. This way you will know who like you and who hatesyou. I am sure that you will use this program everyday,and that you think that it is very useful.Somebody called it ask.fm hack,but I prefer name ask.fm tracker,because that is what it do,it trackperson who asked you questions and you can see who they are. Usually they will need to have facebookaccount in order to track them,but it is enough if they were logged in google plus account oryoutube. This tracker is very smart so it doesn't need a lot to discover who sent anonymous questionand show you his name and his profile from one of the social sites. This may seem like a reallycomplicated mission,but really it is not so hard. Most of people leave tracks when they are usinginternet and surfing and similar things and if you follow those track you will be able to find outtheir's IP,where they live,and who they are. And because this ask.fm tracker is made by lawenforcement it is efficient in finding out the right person. One of the best thing about thisask.fm hack is that it is free to use it and you can download it at no cost. This offer willlast only for limited time so I think it is better if you hurry up and don't miss this greatopportunity to get it for free. At the end,you won't lose anything if you try,right?And be careful when you are writing the question for somebody on this website,if you can track downhim,he probably can track down you,so just be careful,to don't get into some kind of trouble.I wish you all best and you should know you are never safe on internet,and often when you think thatno one will find out what are you doing,that is not the case. This with ask.fm is just example,also facebook is looking what his users do all time. When you have facebook window opened in yourbrowser he watch on all other windows,and even if he don't know usernames or passwords on othersites he still see what are you seeing,and facebook usually use this to direct right ads to right
people,but more about this in later posts.